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k8's tail

In 2010, inspired by many of my friends who are 30 something moms-on-the-go and barely have time to find matching shoes—let alone accessorize—I created this line of k8tail "neckcessories".  In addition to helping make their lives a little easier...I thought I'd also add some style to their wardrobes!  Although designed with my friends in mind, k8tails are for gals of all ages...my friends were soon telling me that their teenage daughters were "borrowing" their k8tails to wear to school and I couldn't make them fast enough for my mother-in-law and her girlfriends!


Soon after my friends became indebted (wink wink) to me for supplying them with a quick, yet trendy accessory, I introduced them to the public!  My nimble fingers were never so busy k8tailing!  


So buy one for yourself or give one as a gift, and soon—like me—you’ll  throw it on to dress up a casual outfit or accent an elegant night out!



How to Wear a k8tail...

Kate Brousseau

purveyor of purrrrrfection

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Brunswick, Maine


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